Graphite Insulation

Our graphite insulation is made in the U.S.A. and is used as insulation for vacuum and protective atmosphere process furnaces. Our combination of high-quality rayon and pitch fiber gives our graphite insulation superior insulating values and strength. Our insulation is treated at temperatures above 2,000°C to ensure its temperature stability and the absence of outgassing. Impurity levels below 20 ppm can be achieved through our in-house purification process. The material can be easily cut or machined in a variety of complex shapes and sizes. Graphite Insulation can be sealed with our BC-501 graphite coating, or by adhering graphite foil to the surface with our BC-628 graphite adhesive.

Rigid Billets

Available in round, square and rectangular billets.

Round billets can be made up to 52" in diameter, and 11" thick.

Rectangular billets can be made up to 60" long, and 11" thick.


Rigid Cylinders

Rigid cylinders are available in sizes up to 11" x 11 x 11. Cylinders can be ordered pre-sealed with our BC-501 Graphite Coating.


Graphite Foil added to the surface increases radiant heat retention as well as reduces issues with furnace contamination. Foiled surfaces help to increase the longevity of the insulation.


Foiled Insulation

The surface and edges of our graphite insulation can be sealed with our BC-501 graphite coating. This process helps to prevent dusting, as well as prepares the rigid surface for bonding to graphite foil. 


Coated Insulation